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Sunday 31 March 2013 at 1:08 pm
Some Background
Our Dzick to Mitschke to Moerbe Lineage
Merten Dzick and His Wife, Urta
Jury Dzick and Hanna Brauzke, nee Donke
Jakob Dzick-Mitschke-Mörbe and Maria Lück
Jakob Mörbe and Anna Nurčan
Testament of Judge and Armorer Jakob Mörbe
Mertin Nurčan's Day in Court
The Thaler (Taler)
Jakob Mörbe and Maria Kuchar
Ferdinand Jacob Moerbe and Johanne Rachel Dube
Jacob Moerbe's Obituary
Excerpt from Pastor Kilian’s Letter dated 10-19-1858
Carl August Moerbe and Ernestine Michalk
Lydia Lina Moerbe and Johann Otto Biar
Other Moerbes
Johann Carl Mörbe (1826)
Ernst Adolph Moerbe (1824)
Johann Mörbe [Moerbe] (1830)
Pastor Gustav Mürbe (Mjerwa)
Mörbe (Moerbe) or Mjerwa
Dubrausky (Dubrauske)
Dubrausky (Dubrauske) Lineage
Guttau or Hučina
Excerpt from A Centennial Story of the Lutheran Church in Texas - Page 99
Revised: 11-18-02
Revised: 6-12-04
This history is about the Moerbe family and covers some of its genealogy and a variety of subjects pertinent to the family’s background. It was not my intention to write a complete history and genealogy of the Moerbe family. My resolve was to go back as far as possible and bring the family from Lusatia and “transplant” it in Texas. Perhaps someday someone will bring the history and genealogy up-to-date.
My knowledge of German enabled me to do much research in that language. The fact that I spent two years (1945 - 1947) with U.S. Army Intelligence in Germany gave me an insight into gathering information. Researching your "roots" is much like collecting intelligence data - you need to fit the bits and pieces together. In work like this persistence, accuracy and perseverance are of utmost importance.
In 1972 I made a trip to the Bautzen area in East Germany and visited many of the villages listed in this history. Another trip was made in 1982 and two more trips were made in 1992 and 1994. There was also very much correspondence with various people, most of it in German.
I want to thank all those who helped me with dates of birth, marriage and death. If any of you want to use parts of this history, or make a copy of all or part of it, you have my permission. However, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you and invite your comments. This history has been revised several times and copies have appeared under several titles. I had no intention of revising it again, but since I lost my last revision in my old computer, I loaded what I had into my new computer and, naturally, I revised it again, hopefully for the last time.  Should you find any errors, please call them to my attention. As corrections and additional information become available addenda may be warranted.

I owe a debt of gratitude to the late Frau Annemarie Mihan, Niedergurig, Germany, who supplied much of the information of the early history of the Moerbe family and who answered a multitude of my questions. It was a great pleasure for me to meet this fine Christian lady in 1982. At least 25 letters flowed each way. Frau Mihan was in her middle eighties when she suffered a stroke and died in 1989. Her late husband, Johannes, was a descendant of Maria Mitschke, the daughter of Jakob Dzick, aka Mitschke, and his first wife, Anna Mitschke, neé Britsche.  Jakob Mitschke, later adopted the surname Mörbe and his daughter, Maria Mitschke, was then known as Maria Mörbe. Frau Mihan's late husband was also related to the Biar side of my family. In 1992 I had the pleasure of visiting Frau Mihan's son, Johannes, in Niedergurig.

For those who do not know me, permit me to mention that I am a native of Thorndale, Texas. My parents were Otto Biar and Lydia, neé Moerbe. In 1947 I married Stefana Todt who was born and grew up in Neisse, Silesia (Schlesien), Germany. Since 1968 we have been living in Denver where I completed 36 years as an accountant with Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO) before retiring on 1 August 1983. In February 2001 we moved to Carrollton, Texas.

Bill Biar

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Sunday 31 March 2013 at 01:22 am


Spelling of Personal and Place Names

From Chěžnik to Kieschnick

Our Kieschnick Lineage


Johann Kieschnick and Maria Wutscher

Johann Kieschnick and Agnes Kalich or Kohli

Obituary of Johann (Jan) Kieschnick (1795)

Magdalene Kieschnick and Johann Hottas (Hattas)

Other Kieschnicks

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Saturday 30 March 2013 at 11:42 pm


Spelling of Personal and Place Names

From Sterp to Hottas

Our Sterp to Hottas Lineage


Petri Sterp and his wife, Marie

Jano Sterp and his wife, Marie

Johann Sterp and his wife, Marie

Georg Sterp and his wife, Marie

Johann Sterp, aka Hottass, and Marie Prelop, aka Hottass

Georg Hottass, aka Herz, and Johanna Hodźik, aka Herz

Andreas Hottas (Hattas) and Maria Schulze

Johann Hottas (Hattas) and Magdalene Kieschnick

Maria Therese Hattas and Andreas Biar

Johann Otto Biar and Lydia Lina Moerbe

From Prelop to Hottas

Our Prelop to Hottas Lineage

Jacob Hottass and his wife, Hanna

Marie Hottass and Michael Prelop, aka Hottass

Marie Prelop, aka Hottass, and Johann Sterp, aka Hottass

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Saturday 30 March 2013 at 5:09 pm


Spelling of Personal and Place Names

From Michał to Michałk


George Michalk and His Wife, Agnes

George Michalk and Magdalene Eyen

Carl Michalk and Magdalene Zieschang

Other Michalks

Andreas Michalk and Caroline Krakovsky

Maria and Hanna Michalk

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