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Lee Canipe (What's in a Name): Might you know the meaning of the surname Sewitz? I am descended from a Sewitz family who immigrate…
Weldon Mersiovsky… (The Sorbs (Wends)…): One cannot at this point say “more of German decent that Sorbian” because we do not know how long th…
Tim Hengst (The Sorbs (Wends)…): You mention that Niemtschk is a Wendish name for “German”. Would this mean that Niemtschk’s from So…
Gerald Stone (FROM DUB TO DUBE): I suppose the question is: ‘Is Trautsch a Wendish name?’ To answer in the affirmative, we should hav…
Magdala Trautsch … (FROM DUB TO DUBE): My ancestry includes the Kaspers from Kolpen and the Trautsches from Ranis, Thuringia. I am very in…
Sandy Biar (FROM BÄHR TO BIAR…): Bill, Thank you for your insightful and detailed research. I very much enjoyed reading it, much o…


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    Index Spelling of Personal and Place Names From Dub to Dube Our Dube Lineage Notes Christoph Dube and His Wife Michael Dube and Johanna Rosina Tanniger Johanne Rachel Dube
    Index Spelling of Personal and Place Names From Chěžnik to Kieschnick Our Kieschnick Lineage Notes Johann Kieschnick and Maria Wutscher Johann Kieschnick and Agnes Kalich

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