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Wendish Patents Found to Date

Wednesday 04 July 2018 at 4:27 pm.

Below is a list of all the patents I have found to date that Wends have either been awarded individually or working with a group. The names of those of Wendish descent are in bold type. The list is in chronological order and each entry has the names of the patent awardees, the name of the patent, patent number and the date the patent was awarded. Thank you to all who have helped me compile this list. 

I have copies of each of these patents and will gladly send them out to anyone who requests one or more of them.  If anyone reading this knows of someone else who is Wendish and was awarded a patent but is not part of this list, please contact me and I will be happy to add them.

Johann A. Proft - Extension table; Patent # 255,454; Awarded: March 28, 1882.

Andreas Matthijetz - Bailing-press; Patent # 380,810; Awarded: April 10, 1888.

August Schkade - Tramper attachment for cotton presses; Patent # 399,441; Awarded: March 12, 1889.

Andreas Matthijetz - Bailing press; Patent # 422,138; Awarded: Feb. 25, 1890.

Andreas Matthijetz - Bailing press; Patent # 471,012; Awarded: March 15, 1892.

Andreas Matthijetz - Metallic railroad tie; Patent # 487,952; Awarded: December 13, 1892.

Herman Symmank and Ernst Matthijetz - Plow; Patent # 507,854; Awarded:  Oct. 31, 1893.

Andreas Matthijetz - Cultivator; Patent # 510,281; Awarded: December 5, 1893.

Herman Symmank and Ernst Matthijetz - Plow; Patent # 559,229; Awarded: April 28, 1896.

 Andreas Matthijetz - Feed cutter; Patent # 602,345; Awarded: April 12, 1898.

Johann Gerhard Kappler and John Gaines - Cotton oil mill seed huller; Patent # 948,508; Awarded: February 8, 1910.

William Daniel Symmank - Hydraulically operated power mechanism; Patent # 2,869,327; Awarded: January 20, 1959.    

William Daniel Symmank - Submarine pipe line trencher and method; Patent # 3,004,392; Awarded: October 17, 1961.

Travis R. Dickinson and Robert R. Gloyna - Modified double-barrel extrusion apparatus;             Patent # 3,010,151; Awarded: November 28, 1961.

William J. McGuire, Jr., Loyd R. Kern, and William Frederick Kieschnick, Jr. - Increasing permeability of subsurface formations; Patent # 3,155,159; Awarded: November 3, 1964.

William Daniel Symmank - Excavating and load handling apparatus; Patent # 3,166,205; Awarded: January 19, 1965.

William Daniel Symmank - Earthmoving machine having a protected turntable seal; Patent # 3,184,867; Awarded: May 25, 1965.

Loyd R. Kern, Irving and William J. McGuire, Jr., and William F. Kieschnick, Jr. - Multilayer propping of fractures; Patent # 3,235,007; Awarded: February 15, 1966.

William F. Kieschnick, Jr., Thomas K. Perkins and Reece E. Wyant - Plugging materials for vertical fractures; Patent # 3,249,158; Awarded: May 3, 1966.

William Daniel Symmank - Hoisting Machine; Patent # 3,278,058; Awarded: October 11, 1966.

William Daniel Symmank - Stabilizing device for rolling vehicles; Patent # 3,310,181; Awarded: March 21, 1967.

William Daniel Symmank - Mobile excavator with adjustable boom; Patent # 3,680,722;               Awarded: August 1, 1972.

William Daniel Symmank - Shoe for track chain assembly; Patent # 3,764,185; Awarded: October 9, 1973.

William Daniel Symmank - Removable counterweight mounting mechanism; Patent # 3,891,095; Awarded: June 24, 1975.

William Daniel Symmank - Hydraulic summating system               ; Patent # 3,910,044; Awarded: October 7, 1975.

William Daniel Symmank - Multi-engine multi-pump hydraulic summating system; Patent # 4,000,616; Awarded: January 4, 1977.

William Daniel Symmank - Adjustable boom for material handling implement; Patent # 4,015,730; Awarded: April 5, 1977.

James H. Dube and Ralph Miller - Process for the purification of O,O-di(lower)alkyldithiophosphoric acids;  Patent # 4,209,471; Awarded: June 24, 1980.

William Daniel Symmank - Pressure relief liquid spray dispenser apparatus; Patent # 4,722,461; Awarded: February 2, 1988.

Earnest F. Gloyna, Lixiong Li and Roy N. McBrayer - Method and apparatus for multi-stage and recycle wet oxidation; Patent # 5,358,646; Awarded: October 25, 1994.

Lixiong Li and Earnest F. Gloyna - Apparatus for reverse-injection wet oxidation; Patent # 5,421,998; Awarded: June 6, 1995.

Lixiong Li and Earnest F. Gloyna – Method and apparatus for reverse-injection wet oxidation, sintered material catalytic reaction, sintered material filtration at supercritical conditions, sintered material gas separation, and high temperature pressurization; Patent # 5,454,950; Awarded: October 3, 1995.

Lixiong Li, Earnest F. Gloyna and Marcel G. Goemmans - Cross-flow filtration method and apparatus; Patent # 5,527,466; Awarded: June 18, 1996.

Lixiong Li, Earnest F. Gloyna and Jacqueline K. McKendry - Controlled hydrothermal processing; Patent # 5,565,616; Awarded: October 15, 1996.

Lixiong Li and Earnest F. Gloyna - Method of producing off-gas having a selected ratio of carbon monoxide to hydrogen; Patent # 5,578,647; Awarded: November 26, 1996.

Lixiong Li, Earnest F. Gloyna and Jacqueline K. McKendry - Method for selective separation of products at hydrothermal conditions; Patent # 5,785,868; Awarded: July 28, 1998

Roy N. McBrayer Jr., James M. Eller, Jimmy G. Swan, James E. Deaton, Robert R. Gloyna, Jerry F. Bragg - Supercritical oxidation apparatus for treating water with side injection ports; Patent # 5,582,715; Awarded: December 10, 1996.

Danny Mattijetz - Multi-image display screen; Patent # 6,330,107; Awarded: December 11, 2001.

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