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Luther's "Christian Guide for Each Day"

Wednesday 22 May 2013 at 1:56 pm.

21 May

The kingdom of God is like yeast, which a woman took, and mixed it with three bushels of flour until it was completely fermented. Matthew 13:33.

After the gospel had once been mixed into the human race(which is the dough) as a new yeast, it will not cease fermenting itself until the end of the world, instead it will permeate itself through the entire heaps and piles of those who shall be saved, and will come to all who are meritorious, even against the will of all the gates of hell. And just like it is impossible for the yeast, once it has permeated the dough, to once again be separated from the dough, since it has changed the essence of the dough, so also it is impossible that the Christians can be ripped away from Christ. For Christ has been embodied into them like a yeast, so that it is one body, one heap, one cake, one bread, etc. That's why it is futile for the devil to try to chase and run the church out of the world, i.e., when he tries to separate Christ from the believers, the yeast from the dough. For just like it is impossible for a human being to separate the permeated yeast from the dough, so likewise it is also impossible for the devil to separate Christ from His church. The dough has been permeated, the devil shall not separate the yeast from the dough. Let him try to cook it or fry it or roast it, the yeast of Christ is still in it. And shall remain in it until Judgment Day, until it has all been permeated with yeast and none of the dough shall be un-yeasted.

Had a painful night last night, but God has enabled me to use three of my 'yeast permeated' fingers to translate this one too.

Lord keep us steadfast in Thy Word,

Elmer H.

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