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Luther's "Christian Guide for Each Day"

Monday 08 April 2013 at 06:00 am
I pray that the LORD God would allow me to continue doing this for a while longer; Satan is rejoicing  that my crippled, pain-ridden  body and demented mind is making it ever more difficult.  Here is one I found in my files:
Take notice of what you are reading, for you are not reading any words of mankind, rather the Word of the Most High God. He wants students to diligently take note of what He says and remember what He says. Whoever does this becomes more learned and better from the Scriptures. Whoever does not do this learns nothing.

Clean animals chew the cud again - chewing the cud again means to receive and accept God's Word with genuine sincerity, taking it to heart, having a love and desire for it, diligently viewing it, and clinging to it. That is what true Christians ('the cud chewers') do, whose hearts have been cleansed through the Word. Mary treasured all these words in her heart and kept thinking about them.  

I don't know from where I translated this - more dementia! I hope you find it edifying.
In Christ,
Elmer H. 

Luther's "Christian Guide for Each Day"

Saturday 06 April 2013 at 06:00 am

6 April

How can a youngster keep his life pure? When he lives according to Your Word.  Psalm 119:9

O how unequally we proceed with the poor pile of youth that has been assigned to us to rule and guide them, and what a severe reprimand must be given when we do not lay before them the Word of God. Wherever the Holy Scriptures does not reign, I above all else recommend that no child be placed thereEverything that does not promote God's Word without ceasing has to perish. The High Schools should educate pure highly intelligent people with the Scriptures, who might become Bishops and pastors, standing at front against heretics, devils, and the world. But where does one find this to be the case? I have great concerns, the High Schools are big forts of hell if they do not diligently practice and promote the Holy Scriptures among the youth.    

This one was difficult to translate. Luther makes a good point with this one. 

In Christ, 

E M Hohle

Luther's "Christian Guide for Each Day"

Friday 05 April 2013 at 06:00 am
5 April
Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the Law, as He became a curse for us.  Galatians 3:13
We should receive this above all else sweet and totally comforting teaching with thanksgiving and with confident faith, by the virtue of the fact that it tells us that Christ became a curse for us, i.e., became a sinner loaded down with God's wrath, clothed Himself with our flesh and blood, took our sin upon His shoulder, and said: "I, I have committed the sins that all humans have initiated." Thus He actually became a curse according to the Law, not for Himself, but rather - as Paul says - "for us". Since He however took our sins upon Himself willingly, He therefore had to carry God's wrath and punishment - not for His own Person, but rather for our own personhood. Thus He entered into a blessed exchange. He took on our being and gave to us His innocent, victorious Being.
I had serious medical problems after breakfast today, my son Nathan took me to Dr., and I received an Rx for my condition - thank you Lord for what you did for me through Nathan, Dr. Otto, & L & M Pharmacy.
In the Name of  Him Who became a curse for us,
Elmer H.

Luther's "Christian Guide for Each Day"

Thursday 04 April 2013 at 06:00 am

4 April

Be of good cheer; I have overcome the world. John 16:33

Where now is your rage, O Satan?  Where is your malice, O world? Where is your fight, O flesh? Here is victory. This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it. Ah, whoever can believe this, how blessed would be such a soul!  For if the world has been overcome, what can it do to us?  What can its god and prince, the devil, do to us? But if the world is nothing, then also its god and prince is nothing. Let them kill us, rob us of body, honor and goods, the world will to have submit to us, be unwilling slaves to serve our best interests and eternal life, that's what we get from this.
Rx's enabled me to get a decent night of sleep and translate Yesterday's devotion TODAY. Finally Luther used short sentences for this one.  The peace of the Lord be with you all.
In Christ,
Elmer H.

Luther's "Christian Guide for Each Day"

Wednesday 03 April 2013 at 06:00 am
3 April
Then Jesus turned around and saw her and said: Be of good cheer, my daughter. your faith has made you well. Matthew 9:22.

See, this is indeed an elegant faith, when a person realizes one's unworthiness and yet does not let that hinder one's trust in Christ nor doubt His grace and help, rips through the Law and everything else that would frighten one away from Him, and yes, even if here the whole world wanted to block and hinder one, one does not even think about giving up on this Man until one has grabbed hold of Him. That's why such a person also presses through and receives what that person seeks from Christ, and immediately experiences the power and work, even also before Christ begins to speak with her. For there is nothing that can disappoint such a person, as Christ Himself has to give testimony here and say: Your faith has made you well. This faith pleases Christ so much that He does not want it, nor the power and the work demonstrated thereby, to remain hidden only in her, so that thereby it may be revealed to every person what is in her heart, so that her faith be extoled before the whole world and also be strengthened in you.
Pain severely inflicts me today - but thanks be to God that He enabled me to do another one of these.
Elmer Hohle

Luther's "Christian Guide for Each Day"

Tuesday 02 April 2013 at 06:00 am
2 April
Jesus said to the officer: Go, your son is alive/well!  The man believed the message Jesus told him and left.  John 4:50.
The way of faith is this: even as the Word gives comfort about future, eternal, heavenly blessings, which we still don’t possess, faith thereupon seizes such future blessings as if they actually are there, and has no doubts about it.  The reason why: Faith sees that God's Word is omnipotent and that God is truthful and is not a liar. Therefore it has a sharp eye out for the Word.  If it sees that the Word is there, it goes fresh into it and does not let either the world or the devil frighten it away; for it knows where it will finally come to rest and how it will all turn out, and let it all be to the sorrow of the devil.  On the other hand, if it (faith) sees that there is no Word of God there, then it lets no appearance, no threat, or might of world motivate it to regard it as being true, and rather suffers whatever happens to one as as a result.  This is why it is a very necessary and beneficial matter that a person actually knows what it means to truly believe - namely, to have God's Word and promise and steadfastly cling thereupon that it will most certainly happen as the Word teaches us.

Amidst 'thorn in the flesh' arthritic pains and physical disabilities, may God grant that I do another one:

Ouch! ouch! physical pain aside, thank you LORD for using me to complete another one!
In Christ,
Elmer H.   

Luther's "Christian Guide for Each Day"

Monday 01 April 2013 at 06:00 am
1 April 
I was determined to know nothing other among you than Jesus Christ, and Him crucified.  1 Corinthians 2:2.
There are certain preachers who think they cannot be preachers if they preach nothing more than Christ and don't teach something more than we do. These are the high-flown, ambitious strange sort who forsake our simplicity and thereupon move over into a particular 'wisdom', in order that one should with wide-eyed surprise say: Wow! what a preacher! Such preachers one should send to Athens - where every day a person wants to hear something new; they are seeking their own glory and not Christ, therefore there end will happen in shame. Guard yourself against such and stay with Paul, who wanted to know nothing other than Christ, and Him crucified.
Thank you Lord for enabling me to translate another one!
In Christ, crucified and risen!

Luther's "Christian Guide for Each Day"

Sunday 31 March 2013 at 06:00 am

31 March

The flesh strives against what the Spirit wants and the Spirit  against what the flesh wants.  - Galatians 5:17.
From this learn that the conflict doesn't take place in 'raw' sinners, but rather in the believers, and it also gives the Christians a fine comfort, so that whenever they feel evil lusts they don't think that they have been condemned.  If you are a Christian, also learn from this that you will feel all sorts of impulses and inclinations in your flesh. For when faith is there, then there come forth hundreds of evil thoughts, hundreds more temptations than previously.  Just realize that you are a human being, and don't let yourself be captured, and constantly rebel and say: "I won't do it, I won't do it. Lord Christ You have said: 'Ask, and you  shall receive', etc., help, dear Lord, against all temptations!'" 
Ouch! Ouch! my body physically hurts from doing this devotion - but God enabled me to do it - take that Satan!

In Christ, 

Elmer Hohle

Luther's "Christian Guide for Each Day"

Thursday 28 March 2013 at 06:00 am
28 March
It has to turn out well for You in Your (jeweled) garment. See here the truth for good and the upholding of the miserable for righteousness, thus will Your right hand show wonders. - Psalm 45:5. (Luther translates this passage differently than it is in English Bible versions.)
Therefore let us open our hearts and look at Christ our [High]Priest in His gorgeous garment. With your eyes you will not be able to see any such garment on Him, you of course see Him Who miserably and pitifully hangs there[on the cross]. But look at Him with your heart, then you will see such a garment and precious jewel - for which you will never ever be able to adequately thank Him. For He is foremost of all cloaked with the great, glorious obedience toward His Father, to Whose glory and honor He allows Himself to be spit upon, stricken, martyred. It is impossible for us to be able to see such a glorious garment here in this life. However this much we are able to see, that all pearls, velvet, and gold stitched clothes are nothing compared to this. The other garment is the great love which He has for us, so that the Lord regards His life and suffering as being so insignificant and instead prays for us rather than for Himself. Who can fully comprehend such love, the Lord has such a heart towards us, so full of fire, that He amidst His greatest suffering portrays Himself as if He does not see or feel it; He however thinks about looking out for and caring only for your and my misery, suffering and heartache.  
My body is really screaming "ouch! ouch!" after this one -  I hope I got some of  it right.
Have a blessed Easter,
In Christ,
Elmer H.

Luther's "Christian Guide for Each Day"

Wednesday 27 March 2013 at 06:00 am
27 March
It (the good news) was also was proclaimed to them, but the Word of proclamation did not help them, because those who heard it, did not believe it. - Hebrews 4:2.
When I hear that Jesus Christ died for me, took away my sin and earned heaven for me, I'm hearing the good news. The Word immediately disappears after one preaches it; however when it falls into the heart and is seized by faith, then it can never fall away. No creature can ever knock over this truth; the forces of hell can not prevail against it. And when I also have already struck the devil in the jaw, I can also seize the Word, I then also must come out and remain where the Word is.
I pray I translated these SHORT sentences of Luther correctly -- ouch! ouch! I'm calling it a day. (Dawn,the Holy Spirit motivated me to do this one today for you and your family.)
In Christ,
Elmer Hohle

Luther's "Christian Guide for Each Day"

Wednesday 27 March 2013 at 06:00 am
25 March
The Day of Annunciation to Mary 
Mary said: Look, I am the Lord's maidservant; let it happen to me as you have said.  Luke 1:38.
This saintly Virgin would never have conceived the Son of God if she had not believed the announcement of the angel, if it had not happened that she said: let it happen to me as you have said, - like Elizabeth praised her: Blessed are you who have believed, for it will be accomplished what has been told you by the Lord. So wonderful, that this virginal heart could believe this unbelievable announcement, that she by herself, i.e., without a man, was to actually become a mother of such a great King who is the Son of the Most High, and totally disregarded herself as being of low estate, how could she possibly understand this? However the Holy Spirit came over her. "Look, I am the Lord's maidservant." I submit to Your will on this!  "Let it happen to me as you will." As soon as she said this, she became a mother, and something out of the ordinary happened to her than with other
women. That power of faith, which could believe the words of the angel, is no less a wonder than the Word becoming flesh.
Ouch - my limbs barely made  it through this - possibly my last one,
Elmer Hohle

Luther's "Christian Guide for Each Day"

Tuesday 26 March 2013 at 06:00 am
26 March
Stay away from fleshly lusts, which fight against the soul. 1 Peter 2:11.
Immediately after a person has become righteous, he still has not become free from evil lusts. That's why he daily has to get busy, in order to tame and dampen his flesh, and without ceasing he has to thereby hold his own and be on guard so that he doesn't cast aside the faith. That's why those deceive themselves who say to themselves they have faith, therefore they are in no danger, even though they completely engage in the lusts of the flesh. Where there is genuine faith, there a person has to take control of his body and hold it in line, so that he not do what he lusts after; still one must not weaken or destroy the body. It's good if one fasts, but that does not mean one should no longer give 'fodder' to his body, for one needs that in order to maintain one's health, and let him work and be on watch, so that the old donkey doesn't become to belligerent and go out and dance on ice and break a leg, rather stay in line and follow the spirit. 
Will try to do some more "ouches".
In Christ,
Elmer Hohle 

Luther's "Christian Guide for Each Day"

Sunday 24 March 2013 at 06:00 am

24 March

Obviously a brother can buy no one's freedom; for it costs too much to ransom a person's soul, so that he has to put it off forever.- Psalm 49:8-9.

How are we able to and dare we make such a big fuss and boast about that which directs and teaches our reason the best? That our natural powers are still complete and perfect?  That reason always achieves the best?  On top of that, when we do what is within us, in order to thereby - so to speak - accomplish such great things?  Why do I carry before the Lord God, Who is enraged against me and, as Moses says, is a consuming fire, such chaff and stubble, yes my gruesome, horrible sin and still dare to undertake to argue and quarrel over this, that He should for this show me grace and give me eternal life?  Oh let me of course hear that misfortunes and evils in the human nature are so countlessly many that the entire world with all its creatures were far to few to reconcile me to God, rather that God's Son Himself had to be offered up for this.

Ouch, ouch - thank you Lord for enabling me to finish another devotion from Luther -- a physical and mental miracle for this old decaying tabernacle.  My arthritic fingers can barely type anymore. 

In Christ,
Elmer Hohle

Luther's "Christian Guide for Each Day"

Saturday 23 March 2013 at 06:00 am

23 March

God has called us from darkness into His wondrous light. 1 Peter 2:9.

Here you see that Peter says there is only one light, and concludes that all our reason/intelligence, smart as it may be, is utter darkness.  For even if [human] intelligence can already count one, two, three, also see what is black or white, what is big or little, and is able to understand other external matters, it still is not able to comprehend what faith is; here it is so rigidly blind, that if all humanity were to bring together their total intelligence, it would not be able to understand a single
letter of divine Wisdom.  That's why Peter here speaks about a different Light and freely speaks out to us all, no one excluded, that we all are in darkness and blindness if God does not call us out of it to His wondrous Light.

So , when Luther on the 14 March guide, that I sent you the other day, referred us to this one, you can see why He did.  Hope you find this one edifying. 

Have a blessed Lord's day tomorrow,

In Christ,


Luther's "Christian Guide for Each Day"

Thursday 21 March 2013 at 06:00 am
21  March
We are members of His body, flesh of His flesh, bone of His bone.  Ephesians 5:30.
Just as any married man can be united with his wife, faith unites me inwardly with Christ.That's why one should properly teach about faith this way: namely,through faith you become united and made one with Christ in such a way that you and He become one Person.You cannot divorce nor separate yourself from each other.Instead you constantly cling to Christ, and with all joy may confidently say: "I am 'Christ' - not personally of course, but rather Christ's righteousness, victory over death, life, and everything that He possesses is my own." And Christ also says: "I am this poor sinner, i.e., all his sins and death are My sin and My death since he through faith clings to Me and I to him - indeed, I actually live in him!"

Thank you Jesus for seeing my frail fingers and body through this one.  A blessed Easter to all. 

In Christ,
Elmer H.

Luther's "Christian Guide for Each Day"

Monday 18 March 2013 at 06:00 am

18 March  

What was impossible for the Law to do(since it was weakened by the flesh), God did by sending  His Son to be like sinful flesh  and as a sacrifice for sin and condemned sin in the flesh.  Romans 8:3.

When I feel that sin is biting me in my conscience, I then lift up my eyes and look at the'Bronze Snake' on the cross - my dear Lord Christ; there I find another 'Sin' opposing my sin - which accuses me and wants to devour me. The other 'Sin' however is Christ, my Lord, Who was made sin for us, even though He knew no sin, so that we become righteous through Him, the righteousness that avails before God. This same 'Sin' is also so powerful that 'It' can condemn my sin, and can rip away and destroy the sin of the whole world. Thus is sin condemned by that other 'Sin', i.e., by the crucified Christ, so that it can never ever condemn me. So then I also still find this other death in my flesh, which martyrs and kills me; however I also still have another 'Death' opposed to this death, it is 'Death' to my death and also crucifies and rips it away.  

Luther, you forced me to PERSONALIZE NOUNS on this one... so here you have another 'sloppy' translation...  my bodily pains will make me call it a day...Thank You Jesus for Your sin-atoning sacrifice for a chief of sinner like

In His Name,
Elmer H.

Luther's "Christian Guide for Each Day"

Friday 15 March 2013 at 06:00 am

15 March

During the days of His flesh He with strong pleas and tears prayed  to Him Who could save Him from death, and and was heard, because He feared God. Hebrews 5:7.

 We should take comfort in such suffering and prayer. For in the same way He suffered, He also prayed, not only for those who at that time were opposed to Him and laid hands on Him and nailed Him on that cross, but He also [suffered and prayed] for us; for those people were merely our sin
slaves and servants.  For if my and your sins had not lifted Christ onto that cross, those people would have had to leave Him alone. However, since Christ as the true legitimate Priest and little Lamb of God is there to pay for, with His sacrifice and death, the sins of the world, that provides the power for Jews and Gentiles to posses the power to act against Him there.  Consequently, when He prays for those who crucify Him, He is praying for us, who with our sins gave reason for His crucifixion and death.  That's why we should not look at the cross, upon which Christ suffered, in any other way than as an altar upon which Christ sacrificed His life and carried out His priestly office with those pleas and prayers, so that we would be rid of our sins and freed from death.  For whoever takes away sin, also takes away death.

So there you have it -- may God grant me the energy to do the 22 March next!

In Christ,


Luther's "Christian Guide for Each Day"

Thursday 14 March 2013 at 06:00 am
14 March
It is written: I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and defeat the intelligence of the intelligent. 1 Corinthians 1:19. (cf. Is 29:14; Ps 33:10)
If you want to know what is right and wrong before God, then the Holy Spirit's conclusion and judgment is this: Everything that reason judges before God is flesh and is worthless. Everything that is inborn and not born anew in a man, that has to be destroyed and put to death, so that no one can boast about or rely upon what the world regards as wisdom; that about which everyone says that it is wisely or sensibly handled or done is foolishness before God. In a word, what it does is worthless and condemned, unless its source is the Lord Christ and is His Word and Spirit, also that it teaches us. If it does not come from there, then it is sheer blindness and worthless. 
So I'll try now translate next weeks March 23 devotion from my totally collapsed little book from Germany, "Christlichen WEGEWEISER fuer jeden Tag: (but I first have rest and then have some lunch) ...My son has provided me lunch, I've had a nap...And I'll try first to translate today's(March 15) devotion.
In Christ,
Elmer Hohle

Luther's "Christian Guide for Each Day"

Thursday 14 March 2013 at 06:00 am

13 March

Away with this One (Jesus), and release to us Barrabas. Luke 23:13.

That's how it is, that's how it was, and that’s how it has always been.  That's the custom and course of the world.  The more noble the treasure an asset is, which God gives, the more hostile the world and the devil are towards such treasure and asset.  Gold is the most insignificant asset, nevertheless the devil cannot tolerate that a person properly use gold. Proper power and lovely peace is a beautiful jewel, but the devil cannot tolerate it, instead he constantly instigates murder and the shedding of blood, etc. But when you come upon the high gifts of God, as for example the Holy Scripture, divine truth and Christ, etc., when these treasures come into the world, which bring justification and life, then it goes as the text says here: Barrabas should be freed, but Christ should be crucified.  Before the Truth [Jesus Christ] should be condemned, all the devils had to be released first.

In Christ,


Luther's "Christian Guide for Each Day"

Sunday 10 March 2013 at 06:00 am

10 March

This is most certainly true and a trustworthy precious statement, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners. 1 Timothy 1:15.

So then remember and diligently arm yourself, so that at all times you are skillfully prepared, not just for when you, apart from temptation, are at peace with your conscience, but especially also when you amidst the greatest troubles and dangers have to struggle with death, when your conscience will remind you of your past sins and scare you and Satan with great might goes under your eyes and like with a Great Flood reminds you of the huge burden of your sins in order to frighten you away from Christ, in order to chase you away and bring you into doubt and despair; I tell you, immediately remember that Christ gave Himself up not for imagined or dreamed up, rather for actual, not for teeny insignificant, rather above all else for huge and gross, not for one or two, rather for all, not for overcome and expunged, rather for non-overcome and powerful sins.

Thank you LORD for enabling me to struggle through this ouch! ouch! session at the computer to translate this difficult ONE SENTENCE devotion into English in ONE SENTENCE. 

In Christ,

Luther's "Christian Guide for Each Day"

Thursday 07 March 2013 at 06:00 am

7 March

You have come to the sprinkled blood,that has better things to tell than Abel's. Hebrews 12:24.

This is how the blood of Jesus Christ, our own Mediator and Intercessor, cries out for us on and on without quitting, so that God, the Father, takes notice of His beloved Son's outcries and petitions on our behalf, and is gracious to us poor, miserable sinners. For He can no longer see any sin upon us - even though we are stuck full of sin,indeed sheer sin is stuck in us inwardly and outwardly, in body and soul, from top of the head to tip of the toe; instead He[God the Father]only sees the dear, precious blood of His beloved Son, our Lord, with which we have been sprinkled. For this very same blood is the golden garment of grace in which we have been dressed,and arrayed in which we shall stand before God, in order that He can and will view us in no other way than seeing His beloved Son Himself - full of righteousness, holiness, innocence.    

The above translation is "sloppy again," but it epitomizes God' grace.  I still am sort of weak ... but thank You God for being STRONG - OMNIPOTENT!

In Christ,

Luther's "Christian Guide for Each Day"

Wednesday 06 March 2013 at 06:00 am
6 March

Our course [citizenship] however is in heaven, from where we also await the Savior Jesus Christ, the Lord.  Philippians 3:20.   

Here on earth we are not citizens, where we live permanently and have a kingdom of heaven; our citizenship however is with Christ in heaven, i.e., in yonder life, for which we wait, and hope to be saved like those (Jews) from Babylon and to come there in order that we should remain eternal brothers and lords. However, since we have to remain in this misery and 'Babylon' for as long as God wants us to, we then want to do what was commanded to the former, that we live with the people here, eat and drink, keep house, farm land, to rule and conduct ourselves peacefully with them, also pray for them, until the hour comes where are to depart from here. Jeremiah 29:4-7.

I pray that you may find some edification in these two long sentences from this Luther's March 6th "Christian GUIDE for every Day".  I thank the LORD that He enabled me to do another one. Now I'll sit back and try to read some more of my favorite translation from Gerhard, "An Explanation of the History of the Suffering and Death of our Lord Jesus Christ."

In Christ,

Elmer Hohle                                     

Luther's "Christian Guide for Each Day"

Monday 04 March 2013 at 06:00 am
4 March
I am the Good Shepherd; the Good Shepherd gives His life for the sheep. John 10:12.
If you know this Shepherd, you can protect yourself against the devil and say: I am afraid I have not kept God's commandments; however, I crawl under the wings of this beloved "Hen" - my dear Lord Christ - and believe that He is my dear Shepherd, Bishop and Mediator before God, Who covers and protects me with His innocence and gives me His righteousness; for you see, He has kept what I have not kept; and yes, what sins I have committed He has paid for with His blood. Since He did not die and rise for Himself but rather for me, He consequently says here: He does not give His life for Himself, but rather for the sheep. Thus you are reassured, and the devil with his hell has to leave you alone; for he obviously will not be able to hold anything against Christ, since He has overcome him and He - as you as a little lamb believe in Him - protects and sustains you. 
The Lord's healing hand is resting on me as I recover from my fall in my bathroom early Sunday morning.  It is extremely difficult for me to type, but here goes: So by the grace of God, here's another sloppy translation... will try to keep going 'til I drop.
In Christ,

Luther's "Christian Guide for Each Day"

Friday 01 March 2013 at 06:00 am
1 March
Christ died for all, so that all who live should henceforth not live for themselves, but rather for Him Who died for them and rose for them. 1 Corinthians 5:15.
This lovely, sweet sermon will not help you in that you say: Christ died and rose for sinners, therefore I hope also for me. Yea,right. However, if you constantly want to remain in your old hide/skin and use this sermon as a lid [to cover up] your stinginess,pride, lust, then it's written here: ["]then don't take on this comfort; for even though He died and rose for all, He still did not rise for you, for you have not yet through faith seized such resurrection. [in other words] You have seen the smoke, but have not felt the fire. You have heard the Word, but you haven't received any of its power.["] 
So there you have it, I pray that the Holy Spirit will move you and me to seize by faith in Christ the comfort of this 'lovely, sweet sermon" of 1 Cor. 5:15. 
Bozemje/Gott befohlen/God be with you,
Elmer Hohle

Luther's "Christian Guide for Each Day"

Wednesday 27 February 2013 at 06:00 am
26 February
But who is it that conquers the world, if not the person who believes that Jesus is God's Son!  
1 John 5:5.
That is what is called a victorious faith, the person who believes Jesus is God's Son; that is a supernatural power created in the heart of a Christian by the Holy Spirit; for it is such a sure understanding, which does not flutter back and forth nor gawks at its own thoughts, but rather seizes God in this Christ as His Son, sent from heaven, through Whom God reveals His will and heart and helps a person from sin and death into grace and a new, eternal life. It is also the kind of confidence and trust which does not rely on its own merit and worthiness, but rather in Christ, the Son of God, and upon His power and might which fights against the world and the devil.  Therefore also such a faith is not a cold, lazy, vacant and idle thought, but rather a living, active power/force.  Where it is, there must follow such fruit, victory and conquering, or if it does not follow, then there also is no faith and new birth there.
Elmer's personal comments:
Ouch! ouch! My shoulders and arms and fingers make me realize that Christ must have suffered horribly as He hung on that cross as He atoned for our sins! Thank God, He enabled me to do one more translation.
In Christ,
Elmer Hohle

Luther's "Christian Guide for Each Day"

Friday 22 February 2013 at 06:00 am
22 February
In Christ we have redemption through His blood, namely the forgiveness of sins. Colossians 1:14
If I could portray or draw a picture of Peter, I would above all else write on every hair on his head: Forgiveness of sins. For that's how the Evangelists depict him. No part of the Passion is described with more words than the fall of Peter. Everything that Christ experienced is displayed with brief words; Peter, however, they shamefully chop up, so that they seemingly can't craft enough words about his fall; but the Evangelist John says: The fruit and benefit of Christ's suffering shall be this, that you therein have forgiveness of sins.

Luther's "Christian Guide for Each Day"

Thursday 21 February 2013 at 06:00 am

21 February

Christ was given up for our sin and was raised for the sake of our justification. Romans 4:25.

You must with total trust rely upon this and similar passages, even much more so, as your conscience martyrs you.  For where you do not do this, but instead spoil yourself with your own contrition and satisfaction in order to satiate your conscience, you then will never ever come to rest and of course finally come to despair.  For our sins, when we have them in our conscience and let them remain with us and look into our heart, they then are so many and are too strong and live forever.  But when we see that they are laid upon Christ and that He has conquered them through His resurrection, and we cheerfully believe this, we the are not dead and and have not been destroyed; for our sins may not remain on Christ; through His resurrection they have bee conquered, and now see no wounds and pains on Him, i.e.: no sign of sins.

There you have it.

In Christ, Elmer Hohle

Luther's "Christian Guide for Each Day"

Tuesday 19 February 2013 at 06:00 am

19 February

This is My beloved Son, with Whom I am well pleased; listen to Him.  Matthew 17:5.
The holy martyrs were strengthened without the appearance of the angels solely through the Word, so that they went to death for the sake of the Name of Christ; why don't we also cling to the same Word an be satisfied with that?  We have clear and beautiful, bright manifestations enough, namely as for example Baptism, the Lord's Supper, the Office of the Keys, the Office of the Ministry, which are like, indeed far exceed all manifestations of all angels, from which Abraham only had a tiny little droplet and crumb. Consequently I disregard the angels . . . For the the divine Promise is now richly fulfilled and revealed in Christ.  He has left me His Word, with which I instruct and strengthen myself, and need not be concerned that He is so inconsistent and fickle, that He now brings forth this teaching, and then soon another one.  We have God's Word, the Lord's Supper, Baptism, the Ten Commandments, the married state, the secular government with its ordinances, and the regiment of the household.  Let us be satisfied with these and practice ourselves in them until the end of the world.

I pray that you find this edifying.
In Christ,
Elmer M. Hohle

Luther's "Christian Guide for Each Day"

Monday 18 February 2013 at 06:00 am

18 February

Be sober and watch; for your adversary, the devil, goes  about like a roaring lion and looks for whomever  he can devour.  1 Peter 5:8   

True and earnest warning for pious, God-fearing hearts.

 If I still should live a hundred years and had not only by God's grace put down the prior and present red and stormy winds, but could also still put down all future ones, then I could well see that thereby our descendants would have no rest restored to them, because the devil lives and rules. You, our descendants, also pray and promote with seriousness God's Word!  Hold on to the poor storm lantern of God!  Be armed and ready, as those who have to be ready every hour for when the devil will knock out your pane or window, rip off your door or roof, extinguish your light. That's why you should be sober and be alert!  He never sleeps or parties; nor does he die before Judgment Day. You and I have to die, and when we are dead, he still hangs around - he who has always been around and can not let up on his raging.  Christ, our dear Lord, Who has stomped on his head, come and finally save us from his raging. Amen.

Ouch! my shoulders are killing me - but  take this Satan!  By God's grace you didn't succeed in translating this difficult German devotion!  May you, as fellow believer's in Christ, find this edifying.

In Christ,


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Friday 18 November 2011 at 06:00 am

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        1:27         1 May

        2:17         7 August

        3:15         11 December

        12:17        26 January 

        15:6         27 January

        18:19        3 June

        22:7-8       25 July

        28:17        26 April

        32:26        21 June

        35:3         2 December

        45:4         12 July


        14:15        22 October

         20:12        26 May

        20:15        17 August

        20:17        6 November


       5:21         6 November


         1:1          18 October

         2:7          Trinity Sunday

         2:10-11      14 November

         4:4          3 December

         5:8          28 January

         6:3-4        29 March

        19:8         8 August

        22:7         9 September

         23:5         15 July

         23:6         31 December 

         30           9 February

         31:6         15 October

         32:8         2 May

         33:4         22 August

         33:9         17 July

         37:7-8       30 August

         37:16        4 November

         45:5         28 March

         46:12        1 November

         48:10        29 October

         49:8-9       24 March

         50:16-17     22 April

         51:6         24 July

         56:9         15 November

         62:7         7 May

         65:4         15 August

         687          5 May

         68:19        Ascension Day

         73:24        18 August

         77:3         26 October

         82:1         5 August

         90:12        27 November

         94:20        17 October

         103:11       24 November

         109:4        12 May

         111:4        15 June

         113:5-6      11 November

         116:10       5 February

         116:15       16 November

         118:5        29 August

         118:9        16 May

         118:21       24 February

         119:9        6 April

         119:18       2 January

         119:105      22 May

         127:1        11 May

         130:5        4 May   

         138:7        24 April

         146:6        22 August

         147:14       1 October


         8:10         18 April    

         9:6          14 December

         2816         4 August

         28:19        20 July

         28:19        7 July

         40:3         16 December

         53:4-5       Good Friday

         53:6         15 September

         53:5         12 March

         60:2         29 October


         1:18-19      25 June

         9:24         21 July 

         17:16        10 October

         23:6         18 December

         23:31-32     22 September


         34:5-6       26 August


        2:3          5 October

         3:9-10       9 November


         1:11         30 October

         2:3          19 September


         2:8          13 May


         2:10-11      2 November 

         24:32-38      13 June


         1:21         19 December

         2:11         6 January

         3:2          Day of Repentance

         3:17         7 January

         4:3          8 January

         4:11         29 September   

         5:4          21 September

         5:6          20 February

         5:28         20 May

         5:44         19 August

         6:7          16 June

         6:9          3 January

         6:9-10       4 January

         6:11         4 October

         6:26         3 October

         7:6          25 October

         7:14         10 January

         8:25         3 September

         8:26         19 November

         9:9          22 January

         9:22         3 April

         9:24         29 November

         9:38         27 May

         10:1         10 August

         10:22        19 April

         10:23        12 September

         10:25        17 November

         10:34-36      17 January

         11:5         17 December

         11:6         23 December

         11:17        14 July

         11:28        19 May

         11:30        19 October

         13:33        21 May

         15:26-27     8 May

         16:17        28 June

         16:18        1 July

         17:5         19 February

         18:20        22 November

         19:29        9 June

         20:10        5 November

         20:16        1 February

         21:4         5 December

         21:5         6 December

         23:37        6 February

         24:15        3 November 

         25:34-35     9 December

         26:10        6 August

         26:26-28     Maunday Thursday

         27:2         21 November

         28:19        1 June


         1:15         Day of Repentance

         8:9          2 October

         9:23         4 June

         10:13        19 June

         10:14        17 September


         1:38         25 March

         1:41-45      2 July

         1:46-47      3 July

         1:51         4 July

         1:56         5 July

         2:7          24 December

         2:10-11      25 December

         2:17         26 December

         2:21         1 January

         2:34         2 February

         5:31         26 November

         7:4-5        8 April

         10:33        14 October 

         12:32        10 July

         13:24        16 October

         14:24        23 November

         15:2         15 December

         16:22        17 April

         18:7-8       14 June

         21:27        8 December

         23:18        13 March

         23:42        31 July

         24:38        3 March

         24:46        Day of Repentance and Prayer


         1:12-13      30 December

         1:14         28 December

         1:17         12 December

         1:36         24 June

         3:5          20 October

         3:16         20 December

         4:39+41      13 August

         4:50         2 April

         5:39         23 May

         6:54         7 August

         6:63         8 February

         6:68         5 September

         8:21         9 March

         8:25         9 October 

         8:19         9 January

         8:47         30 July

         8:51         28 November

         8:52         16 July

         10:12        4 March

         10:28        23 April

         10:29        18 July

         11:25        8 July 

        12:35        16 February

         14:6         5 June

         14:9         11 June

         14:19        Easter

         14:26        7 Jun

         14:27        5 March

         15:7         11 April

         15:16        27 July

         16:2         3 August

         16:13        18 September

         16:21-22     28 August

         16:23        17 March

         16:33        4 April

         17:24        28 July

         20:29        26 June


         2:2&4        Pentecost

         3:23         1 August

         4:19-20      11 March

         8:30         26 September

         10:43        10 December

         16:9-10      25 April

         17:29        29 October

         20:20        27 September

         20:30-31     12 October

         24:25        14 August


        1:17         24 May

         3:28         31 October

         3:31         18 May

         4:5          30 June

         4:17         7 February

         4:19         28 October

         4:20         27 June

         4:25         21 February

         5:1          27 February

         5:3          25 May

         5:11         25 January

         6:1-2        20 August

         6:4          13 October

         7:14         16 March

         7:18         31 May

         7:20         29 April

         8:1          11 August

         8:2          22 March

         8:3          18 March

         8:17         17 May

         8:28         10 June

         8:38-39      12 February

         9:5          13 December

         10:4         12 January

         10:10        20 April

         10:17        23 September

         11:18        11 October

         11:20        27 April

         11:22        21 August

         12:2         12 April

         12:19        13 September

         13:12        1 December

         14:1         25 August

         15:1         23 January

         15:7         15 February

         1 Corinthians

         1:18         27 August

         1:19         14 March

         1:24         22 December

         1:25         20 November

         1:30         16 January

         1:31         6 September

         2:2          1 April

         3:4-5        10 November

         4:4          24 August

         4:8          22 June

         4:20         28 February

         10:12        31 January 

         11:29        25 November

         15:3-4       10 April

         15:10        17 February

         2 Corinthians

         2:14         30 April

         4:5          23 August

         4:7          12 August

         4:17         21 October

         5:4          18 June

         5:7          9 July

         5:15         1 March

         5:17         19 March

         5:21         3 February

         6:1          24 October

         6:9          12 November

         11:19        23 June

         12:7         22 July


         1:4          6 June

         1:8          13 November

         2:16         20 January

         2:19         20 March

         3:13         5 April

         3:26         25 September

         3:27         10 February

         4:6          6 July

         4:9          12 June

         5:1          8 September

         5:13         23 February

         5:17         31 March

         5:24         8 March

         6:1          29 May

         6:14         2 June


         1:13         9 August

         1:20&22      13 April

         2:8-9        16 April

         3:18-19      7 April

         4:6          16 August

         4:17-18      16 September

         4:32         21 April

         5:1-2        30 March

         5:5          13 July

         5:30         21 March

         6:4          24 January

         6:5-6        15 May

         6:5+9        26 July

         6:7          18 November

         6:10         18 January


         1:29         31 August

         3:8          11 January

         3:12-13      4 September

         3:20         6 March

         4:4          7 December

         4:7          23 October

         4:13         30 January


         1:14         22 February

         2:6-7        1 February

         2:7          1 September

         2:14         10 September

         3:13         9 April

         1 Thessalonians

         5:17         14 April

         1 Timothy

         1:5          30 May 

         1:15         10 March

         1:15-16      29 June

         3:16         29 December

         4:16         11 September

         6:6          14 September

         2 Timothy

         2:11-12      11 February

         3:6          7 November

         3:16         19 July

         4:4          11 July

         4:5          2 September


        2:11-12      21 December

         2:14         23 July

         3:4          27 December

         3:5          27 October

         3:14         19 January

         1 Peter

         2:9          23 March

         2:11         26 March

        2:24         8 November

         3:12         16 May

         3:14         7 October

         4:1          14 May

         4:8          20 June

         4:19         28 May

         5:7          29 January

        5:8          18 February

         2 Peter

         1:20         7 September

         1 John  

         1:8          21 January

         1:9          29 February

         2:1          13 February

         2:2          2 August

         3:18         14 January

         3:23         8 June

         4:9          4 December

         4:16         13 January

         5:5          26 February

         2 John  

         9            20 September


         1:3          2 March

         1:14         29 September

         2:11-12      25 February

         4:2          27 March

         5:7          15 March

         11:3         3 May

         11:8         15 April

         12:1         8 October

         12:6         29 July           

         12:24        7 March


         1:18         4 February

         2:13         6 October

         2:17-18      15 January

         4:7          17 June

         5:16         30 September

         5:17         5 January


         1:3-6        28 April

         3:21         30 November

         2:4          28 September   

Prayers answered - It is finished!  I did some of the last few pages few pages with only one arm and two of the fingers on its hand, while in agony and pain. Luther refers to Galatians 6:14 - and so I will glory only in the suffering of my Lord and Savior!  Thank you Jesus for enabling me to fight off my pain - God's Grace IS ALL I NEED.               

In Him,