Wendish Scavenger Hunt
Wendish Trivia!
Test your knowledge of all things Wendish, as well as review some information which was presented at the Wendish History and Knowledge Extravaganza March 16th, 2013.

Presented here are questions and groups of questions. Each includes a clue as to where, on this website (and perhaps another), you will find the answers to each.
1. What was the title of the first article that George Nielsen wrote about the Wends?
Clue: To find the answer, by George, upon your tenacity depends. Note the trail through Iowa as it wends!

2. Anna Blasig wrote The Wends of Texas based on her master’s dissertation.  What was the title of her dissertation?
Clue: An historic pause during a visit to Texas, USA will disclose Anna's title.

3. Where can one find the highest Lutheran church pulpit in Texas?

4. What is the color of the steeple roof on St. Paul Lutheran Church at Serbin?
Clue for 3 and 4: Research family mysteries and you will find answers!

5. According to George Nielsen, what vegetable is a favorite with Wends?
Clue: Have you ever picked them?  Learn more in a forum featuring general Wendish discussion.

6. What writer of Western genre novels mentioned Serbin, Texas in one of his books and what was the title of the book?
Clue: This Most Wanted of elusive people can be found in a tree. Knowledge of genealogy may help thee!

7. What is the highest point above sea level on the Delaplain League?

8. When rain falls on the Delaplain League, what river does it feed?

9. In what year was Lee County organized?

10. What are the counties out of which Lee County was formed?
Clue for 7 through 10: Traveling on the Ben Nevis was quite a hot project!

11. What did the two Lutheran churches in Serbin, (St. Paul and the second St. Peter) share in common?

12. What is the name of the road mentioned in the original Delaplain League survey?

13. On what day of the month in September is Wendish Fest held?

14. Where will the 41st Annual Texas Folklife Festival be held?
Clue for 11 through 14: Much history can be learned from a scrapbook.

15. How do you say, “Yes, I would like a beer!” in Wendish?

16. How do you ask, “Would you like a beer?’ in Wendish?

17. What is the color of the ceiling in St Paul Lutheran Church at Serbin?

18. What bird hangs from the ceiling in St Paul Lutheran Church at Serbin?
Clue for 15 through 18: An article discussing Cholera provides these answers!

19. Who was the Texas General Land Office Commissioner in 1854?

20. Who was the Governor of Texas in 1854?

21. Who was the President of the United States in 1854?

22. Who was the last Ben Nevis passenger to die in Texas?
Clue for 19 through 22: Here is a useful clue... a Wendish Patriot named Matthew.

23. What is the length of a vara?

24. What two men have written more about the Wends than all the others combined?

25. How much land is in a league?

26. How much land is in a labor?

27. How do you say “Thank you very much” in Wendish?
Clue for 23 through 27: Now these questions are at an end. Volunteers for a research project may help a Wend!

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