WHKE: The Wendish History and Knowledge Extravaganza

Presented on March 16th, 2013 in Serbin, Texas, the WHKE provided attendees with a plethora of educational opportunities in a day-long gathering of those who are interested in their Wendish heritage.

Below are links to information regarding the presentations. As time allows our volunteers to add more and more information, this page will become your launching pad for reviewing much of the data shared during the WHKE.

To view and respond/comment/ask questions regarding the materials and topics presented at the WHKE, please visit the WHKE section of our/YOUR Forum, where you may register and participate in furthering your knowledge, and the knowledge of others. We all depend on each other here at the Wendish Research Exchange, so please join us in sharing/exchanging information regarding our heritage. Much of the information in the Forum will be posted here as well.

Dr. George Nielsen

The author of In Search of a Home: Nineteenth-Century Wendish Immigration (among several other literary works) graciously attended the WHKE and was our featured speaker!

Dr. Nielsen presents nearly an hour of fascinating background information regarding his interest in the Wends, his family gatherings which included Wendish storytelling, those who influenced his interests and career. He also discusses misleading and incorrect information which has been generally accepted as fact, as well as concepts of leadership and influence among the immigrating Wends.

View his presentation in its entirety here.

Wendish DNA Testing For Genealogy

An opportunity for everyone to easily undergo DNA testing by the leading company in the field of tracing DNA trails over multiple generations. Family Tree DNA is the chosen DNA testing facility for the National Geographic Society's Genographic Project. Confirm and find new members of your family tree, geographic locations of your ancestors, and more! Read the flyer which was available at the WHKE by clicking the link above, or visit Family Tree DNA at their website: FamilyTreeDNA.com.

One of our members has shared an image from a report provided to him based upon DNA testing. Read more about this in the Forum.

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