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The Exulanten in Saxony

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Five Centuries: the Wends and the Reformation

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Family History Workshops

Want to learn more about how to research your family’s history? Family History Workshops are held several times a year at the museum in Serbin; the next one will be held on March 7, 2020.

Weldon Mersiovsky will be on hand to assist with your research and answer all your questions. The registration fee is $15 per person or $25 per couple, which will be used to increase the museum’s family history holdings and genealogy resources. Bring a printed copy of your family pedigree chart (if you have one), a sack lunch, and your laptop (if you have one).  Please contact Weldon Mersiovsky at (512) 863-6418 or the museum to reserve your spot.

The Absalom Delaplain League

In December 1854, Pastor John Kilian and the Wends who had called him as their pastor arrived in Galveston, Texas. Three more months would pass before they were able to acquire land, though. After a hard winter in Houston, the group finally received ownership of the Absalom Delaplain League in what is modern-day Lee County on March 20, 1855. Click below to learn more about the Delaplain League and its history. Copies of the map shown are also available for purchase from the Texas Government Land Office.

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The Rev. Dr. Elmer Hohle provides the Lord’s Prayer at the 2018 Wendish Festival in Serbin. In Wendish, German, and English. What a magical moment for all of us! Thank you, Kari Kooi, for providing this video. Also, read more about this fantastic man’s works. He is truly a Texas Wendish treasure. 

Birth Notices
 are now being added in the Lee County Scrapbook

Wolsch – Kneschk Family History
 has been added to the Forum. Over 30 years of “A Search For August” Wolsch. Read this remarkable writeup of Wendish family history. Yours may well be similar!

Iselt, Patschke, Kieschnik, and Wuensche 
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The first sizable immigration of Wends to Texas traveled aboard the ship Ben Nevis. View zoomable images of the actual ship’s register!

The Smallest Ethnic Group of All

Wends of Change featuring Dave Goeke

Lost In A Wendish Land Of Legends
 – You simply MUST watch this! High schoolers in Cottbus.
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Texas Wends: Info from areas where they lived.
Historical records of Bastrop County, TX
Several Texas counties’ official records 
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