Teacher L.O. Kasper

Teacher L.O. Kasper
Teacher L.O. Kasper. Photograph by A. Heinemann, Chicago.

Teacher L. O. Kasper was the sixth teacher and fifth principal at St Paul Lutheran Church and School, Serbin, Texas and the first to have been born at Serbin. He followed Rev John Kilian, 1855-1868 and 1871-1872, Ernst Leubner 1868-1870, G. A. Kilian 1872-1916, E. W. Traugott 1916-1920 and Herman Schroeder 1917-1926.

Teacher Kasper began his career at St Paul on 7 November 1920 and remained at St Paul until his retirement in 1949.

We will attempt to illuminate his career with stories, pictures, and clippings. One of the things that Teacher Kasper was famous for was his diaries. The first of these is handwritten in his flowing German script. He decided to become a teacher and while in college, he learned German shorthand. Is is said that the school building in Serbin was never locked so the only recourse to privacy was to write so no one could read his private notes – hence his notes are largely in shorthand. Fortunately for us he started summarizing his notes and we have what we have.

In addition, he wrote for the Giddings News, the most notable writing being a recollection of historical events on the 100th anniversary of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. the article were titled “Three Bouquets” and “Their Works Do Follow Them.”

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