American Wigeon Duck

Here’s Ray Spitzenberger’s latest piece of wood art, American Wigeon Duck, — he created it out of four pieces of Hawaiian driftwood and pieces of scrap wood.   A wigeon duck is also called a bald pate.

It will be sold at St. Paul Lutheran Church, Wallis, Texas, on September 9 and all proceeds from the Silent Auction will go to such missions as Lutheran World Relief, Deaf Ministry, Disaster Relief, etc.

View from above.

View from below.


The Way

“The Way,” Wood Art, 6 August 2018 by Ray Spitzenberger.

The cross, the hand with the finger pointing up, and Golgotha (the base) are pieces of driftwood from beaches in Hawaii; two other small pieces of wood are cedar.

Here is what I have put on the bottom of “The Way,” a cloth fish.


Eternal Flame

“I am the Light of the World,” Wood Art, 17 July 2018 by Ray Spitzenberger.


I used a small piece of driftwood from a beach in Hawaii for the flame itself, and the base is a block of wood (probably white pine).


Harvey Rescue Boot

My latest creation of Wood Art, titled “Harvey Rescue Boot” will be up for Silent Auction Sunday, Sept. 10, at our annual Church Fundraiser in Wallis, Texas. Hours are from 11 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. at the Columbus Club (KC Hall). Silent Auction money to go to Lutheran Disaster Aid and Lutheran World Relief. It is made of scraps of cedar boards and cedar shingles.



Ray has introduced a new Spitzenberger genre, Spitzen-Whittles.

The Great White Heron

Created from three pieces of Hawaiian driftwood.

Cow’s Skull and Rattlesnake

Created from a Cypress tree knee.

The Majestic Yellow-Crowned Night-Heron

Created from two pieces of Hawaiian driftwood.


Countdown to Christmas, 2015

In this collection of images created by Ray Spitzenberger called Countdown to Christmas each image changes sightly from one to the next. Originally intended to be 60 slightly different images, Ray tired from one day to the next and finished the project ahead of schedule. Enjoy!


From the Roaring Twenties!


Celebrating in the Balinese Room in Galveston in the Roaring Twenties

Baylor Girls in the Roaring Twenties

Refined Ladies from New Orleans in the Roaring Twenties

ElegantLadies Eating Watermelons on Galveston Beach in the Roaring Twenties