Rural Scenes in Texas

About a decade ago I was so intrigued with old, weathered Texas barns that I was moved to do pen and ink sketches of them. My wife and I would drive down the back roads in various parts of Texas, starting with our own area, and take photographs of old weathered barns that seemed to have “character.” Then, at home in my studio, I would sketch the barns from the photos. In those days, I sold many an old barn sketch at a delightful place now called Creative Impressions in East Bernard.

Eventually this expanded into photographing and sketching not just barns, but rural scenes in general, as well as doing some in water color. A few of these pieces of rural art were displayed and sold at The Picket Fence in East Bernard. Some of these sketches were also on display and for sale at The Country Rose in Wallis and at The Brenham Fine Arts League Gallery.

Of all the art work I ever did, the old barn sketches were the most popular and even in demand, but I finally just got tired of sketching old barns and have done very few since then.


Old Abandoned Barn in Winchester


Broken Down Fence in East Bernard


Old Barn Between Wharton and East Bernard


Early Texas Wendish Barn and Tractor


Old Barn and Tractor in East Bernard

(Bamboo pen and Japanese ink)


Farm Near Winedale, Texas


Old Barn Somewhere in Texas


On the Way to Dime Box, Texas


Wendish Barn in Texas


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