Month: October 2017

The Evangelical Lutheran Wends (Sorbs) in Germany

This article by Trudla Malinkowa (Gertrud Mahling) and translated by Gerald Stone was written for an information booklet, that was published in Bautzen, Germany, five times in the German language and one time, 2009, in English. The Wends (Sorbs) are the smallest Slavonic nation. They are descendants of the Slavonic tribes who around 600 A.D. …

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Christoph Samuel Daniel Schondorf – Pastor to the Wendish Migrants to South Australia

Ths article by Trudla Malinkowa (Gertrud Mahling) was translated into English from the original German publication by Christine Greenthaner, Melbourne, Australia. Please click on the link below to take you to the article as it is posted on the Australian Wends website. ]]>

Johann August Miertsching

Johann August Miertsching was an internationally acclaimed explorer and missionary.The following article about him was written by Trudla Malinkowa (Gertrud Mahling) for the August 2017 edition of Pomhaj Boh. It was translated from Upper Sorbian/Wendish by Gerald Stone. Sites to Remind us of Jan Awgust Měrćink (John August Miertsching) in Lusatia. On the 200th birthday of …

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