Month: August 2018


Dave Oliphant’s poem, “Serbin,” is included in a book of his poems, titled Memories of Texas Towns and Cities. ISBN: 978-0-924047. It was copyrighted and published in 2000 by HOST Publications, Inc, 3507 North Lamar Blvd, P. O. Box 302920, Austin, TX 78703. Oliphant began Memories of Texas Towns and Cities in the autumn of 1974 and finished …

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The Way

“The Way,” Wood Art, 6 August 2018 by Ray Spitzenberger. The cross, the hand with the finger pointing up, and Golgotha (the base) are pieces of driftwood from beaches in Hawaii; two other small pieces of wood are cedar. Here is what I have put on the bottom of “The Way,” a cloth fish. ]]>