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Bill Biar, who grew up in Thorndale, Texas and lived in Carrollton, Texas until he passed away on 30 Oct 2012 was a dedicated researcher and prolific writer of things Wendish.  He was a dedicated Christian who wrote 40 hymns set to to traditional Lutheran music and often, along with his wife, Steffi, assisted the Concordia Historical Institute in St Louis, Missouri by transliterating and translating German documents and letters.  He had made significant contributions of books, papers, and electronic media files to the Texas Wendish Heritage Society, in Serbin, Texas.  This blog is an attempt to take his electronic media files and make them available to everyone.

We decided to use the term “Stockwendish” to identify this blog.  If you do not know what “stockwendish” means, you will need to read on.  Clicking on a title below will take you directly to the subject you click on.


The Sorbs (Wends) 

The Manorial System


Christianization of the Wends 

What’s in a Name? 

Alias – Gennant 

Place Names 

Half-Timbered Construction 

Some Observations about Researching the Wends 

My Foreign-born Ancestors Who Came to Texas 

Emancipation of the Peasants in Silesia and Saxony 

The Oder-Neisse Line 

Provinces (Länder) of Modern Germany after Unification 

German Immigration from 1821 to 1900  

Old Lutheranism and the Wends 


Welcome to "Luther’s Christian Guide For Each Day"

The Reverend Dr. Elmer Hohle is graciously providing us with these as he translates them. You are encouraged to comment, and to share these with your family and other loved ones. 

The sainted Pastor Johannes Poetsch sent him his copy in 1997. Professor Dave Berger says there are 2 other copies in the USA (one at Brigham Young Library in Utah). 

This present book was published by Corinth-Verlag, Hamburg,

Titled Christian Guide for Each Day.

Hänssler Devotionals

Order no. 392514

2 Edition 1997

© Copyright 1996 this issue

by Hänsler-Verlag, Neuhausen-Stuttgart

Cover design: Stefanie Stegbauer

Cover photo: Martin Luther 1533 painting by Lucas Cranach the Elder.

Artothek Kunstdia archive, 82380 Peissenberg

Publisher: Corinth-Verlag, Hamburg

Printer: Ebner Ulm

Printed in Germany

Das Vorliegende Buch erschien im Korinth-Verlag, Hamburg,

mit dem Titel Christlicher Wegweiser für jeden Tag.


Bestell-Nr. 392514

2. Auflage1997

© Copyright dieser Ausgabe 1996

by Hänsler-Verlag, Neuhausen-Stuttgart

Umschlaggestaltung: Stefanie Stegbauer

Titelfoto: Martin Luther 1533  Gemälde von Lucas Cranach d. A.

Artothek Kunstdia-Archiv, 82380 Peissenberg

Satz: Korinth-Verlag, Hamburg

Druck: Ebner Ulm

Printed in Germany