Grassyville, Texas

The Grassyville area in northeast Bastrop County was settled by German Methodists. The interaction between Wendish Lutherans and German Methodists has not been fully explored and we welcome any insight into what life was like for another group of immigrants trying to make it in the “New World.”

One of the writers for this group is Ed Makowski. When Ed started into family history he realized that there were not any stories about his ancestors who settled in close proximity to Serbin, Texas. There were few articles about other immigrants, like the German Methodists, to the area.  His intent was to tie the German Methodists and Wendish Lutherans together as neighbors although their backgrounds were different.

Ed is not a prolific writer and we are grateful that he is willing to share what he has written. He was born at Lexington, Texas to Edwin W. Makowski and Bertha Grusendorf.  Edwin W. was the second son of Rev William Makowski who served the German Methodist Church in the early 1920s.  Bertha (Betty) was daughter of August Grusendorf and Bertha Ebers who were raised on adjacent farms near the Grassyville church and cemetery. Edwin’s father was proprietor of an auto repair shop at the southwest corner of the Lexington city square. They moved to Waco in 1932 where Edwin W. and a brother partnered Mac Bros Garage. Ed and his two sisters attended LaVega Schools in a suburb of Waco.

As other Grassyville writers and articles are discovered they too will become part of this blog. Be sure to also see more information on our site regarding Grassyville.