Historical Notes 1 – Dedication of Historical Marker

Volume 5, Number 7, September 1992, Texas Wendish Heritage Society Newsletter

Fifty-five years ago, on November 25, 1937, a large crowd gathered for the unveiling of the monument which the State of Texas had erected to commemorate the pioneers. It was a time to remember the beginnings of the “Wendish Colony” with a religious service in the morning, patriotic songs by the school children in the afternoon, speeches, and the reading of congratulatory messages. The occasion was also a reunion for many friends.

Several distinguished gentlemen spoke, either during the religious service, or during the dedication. In an article in the Giddings Deutsches Volksblatt, we read that Pastor A. F. Moebus spoke and Pastor H. Schmidt gave a service in English, German and Wendish.

The Volksblatt reported that “Rep. Henry G. Lehmann presented a captivating speech as he spoke through the loudspeaker which he had made available for general use . He spoke particularly about the immigration and beginning circumstances…”

Senator L. J. Sulak “praised the zeal, diligence, perseverance and the patriotism of the Wends… He conveyed the congratulations of the Czechs of the State in the Bohemian language.” County Judge Schlosshahn said, “…if all people loved justice and were as law-abiding as the Wends, then he, the sheriff and lawyers would have nothing to do.”

Through the courtesy of Ruth Lindner, the archives of the Texas Wendish Heritage Museum has an issue of the Giddings Deutsches Volksblatt, December 9, 1937, which gives a full report of the event. Ruth, who was present for the ceremony, arranged to have the article translated. A copy of the Volksblatt article and the translation are available in the Lillie Moerbe Caldwell Memorial Museum Library in the vertical file. Genealogists will be interested in the chart of all the descendants of Johann Kilian at that time, which appeared on the same page of the Volksblatt. Read more about it!