Daily Christian Guide

The Reverend Dr. Elmer Hohle is graciously providing us with these as he translates them. You are encouraged to comment, and to share these with your family and other loved ones.

The sainted Pastor Johannes Poetsch sent him his copy in 1997. Professor Dave Berger says there are 2 other copies in the USA (one at Brigham Young Library in Utah).

This present book was published by Corinth-Verlag, Hamburg,
Titled Christian Guide for Each Day.
Hänssler Devotionals
Order no. 392514
2 Edition 1997
© Copyright 1996 this issue
by Hänsler-Verlag, Neuhausen-Stuttgart
Cover design: Stefanie Stegbauer
Cover photo: Martin Luther 1533 painting by Lucas Cranach the Elder.
Artothek Kunstdia archive, 82380 Peissenberg
Publisher: Corinth-Verlag, Hamburg
Printer: Ebner Ulm
Printed in Germany

Luther’s "Christian Guide for Each Day"

28 March You must succeed with Your majesty. Enter in for the good cause of truth and uphold the miserable with justice, thus Your right hand shall manifest wondrous things. Psalm 45:5.[verse 4 in English Bibles] Therefore let us open our hearts and look at Priest Christ in His majestic garment. With your eyes you will not find any majesty …

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