Luther’s "Christian Guide for Each Day"

2 March

Christ made the cleansing of our sins by Himself. Hebrews 1:3.

Here he defines the Gospel right[correctly]; for everything that may be said about Christ helps us nothing until we hear how it is said to be altogether good and useful for us. What would be the need for it to be proclaimed to us, if it had happened only for His sake? But now it totally and completely applies to us and our salvation. Therefore let us here listen with joy; these are lovely words beyond all measure. The Christ, Who is so huge, an Heir of all things, a Luster of divine glory, an Image of divine essence, Who bears all things, not through foreign power or help, instead through His own action and power He has served us, poured out His love and established a cleansing of our sins. He says: our, our sin, not His sin, not the sin of the unbelievers; for anyone who does not believe this, for him such a cleansing is useless and is not established.  

I thank God for enabling me with a body aching in pain and a faltering mind to complete this translation; I pray you find it as comforting as I do. 

Thank you Christ!

Elmer H.


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