Luther’s "Christian Guide for Each Day"

6 March

Our life however is in heaven, from there we also await the Savior, Jesus Christ, the Lord. Philippian 3:20.

Here on earth we are not citizens, as we steadfastly live and have a heavenly kingdom; our citizenship however is with Christ in heaven, i.e., in the yonder life for which we wait, and hope to be saved like the those (Jews) from Babylon and come to the place where we shall be and remain eternal brothers and lords. Since we however will have to remain in this misery and in our ‘Babylon’ for as long as God wants, we will want to do what they (the Jews) were ordered to do, that we should live here with the people, eat and drink, maintain homes, build farms, govern and conduct ourselves peacefully with them, also pray for them, until the hour arrives when we shall travel home from there. Jeremiah 29:4-7.

As a native Texan and born USA citizen, I can’t thank God enough that we Christians have a ‘dual’ citizenship; we’re temporary citizens here on earth until the Lord takes us to our heavenly home.  In the meantime, let’s keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, our Savior from sin, death and devil.

In His Name,

Elmer H.


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