"Schwarze Tunke" (Black Sauce)

Try This Authentic Wendish Recipe at Your Next Party. Source: Sorbisches Haus Gastlicher Tisch, printed by the Domowina-Verlag in Bautzen, p.12.

Mix about 1/4 liter of cold goose blood or hog blood with some vinegar and flour. Add broth from pig knuckles or pork ribs, and add pimentos, cloves, some sugar and about 200 grams of hog lard. After it is thoroughly cooked, slowly cook it another half hour over a small flame, while stirring. Do this until you have a thick, smooth purée with a dark color. Add salt to taste. Eat smeared on bread with boiled meat.

Mmmmm! Now there’s one your guests won’t quickly forget.


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