The Old House

So what happens to the old house now?

Now that it’s been re-occupied by a young couple

Who love its oldness?

The one now gone used to move about the house

With such energy

That the windows would rattle.

They still rattle.

The new owners’ dog

Wouldn’t go into the living room.

“It’s OK,” the new owner’s wife said,

“She had a dog, too,

And he likes you, — so does she!”

Her dog went in and jumped on the couch.

The owner’s wife said to her husband,

And to the dog,

“This house seems warm and happy!

“I tell you, from the moment I walked in, this house smiled,

And it still smiles.”

Her husband rolled his eyes.

The dog, moving over a bit as if to share the space,

Yawned and closed his eyes.

Her husband went out, slamming the door.

“Don’t worry,” she said

To the shadow on the rocking chair.

The shadow moved away from the chair,

The new owner’s wife sat down in it

And smiled.

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