Luther’s "Christian Guide for Each Day"

7 April

So that you may grasp along with all the rest of the saints, realize how broad and long and deep and high [Christ’s love is], also realize how Christ loves us, which of course surpasses all knowledge. Ephesians 3:18-19. 

Knowing Christ means to know that He died for us and loaded our sin upon Himself, also that I consequently regard all my things as worthless, let go of everything that’s mine and solely cling to the fact that Christ has been given to me, His suffering, His godliness and all His virtues are simultaneously all mine. As I realize this, I must in turn love Him, for one has to be well-disposed towards such a Man. Thereupon I move up further to the Son, on to the Father, and see that Christ is God, and has stuck Himself into my death, into my sin, into my misery and gives me also His grace. Thereupon I recognize His friendly and kind will and the highest love of the Father that my heart could ever find and feel. Thus I grasp God and ponder: Oh, that is God, that is God’s will and good pleasure, that Christ did that for me. And in His face I discover, realize and feel the high indescribable mercy and love of God in the fact that He placed His dear, beloved Child into pain, shame and death for me.

Oh dear Lord,  translating this one made me gratefully misty-eyed out of gratitude for what all You have done to save us sinners.

Elmer Hohle


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