Luther’s "Christian Guide for Each Day"

8 April

As they however came to Jesus, they diligently begged Him and said: He is worthy that You show him this, for he loves our people, and he built a synagogue [literally in German: school] for us. Luke 7:4-5.

When a harm that really bites is to come to the devil, it has to happen through the young people who grow up in the knowledge of God, spread it and teach it. That’s why I ask you, my beloved lords and friends, for the sake of God and the poor young folks, that you would not regard this matter as insignificant, as many do who do not see what the world’s prince thinks. For it is a serious, big thing, which the Christian and the whole world regards as important that we help and advise the young people. Dear lords, if one has to spend so much each year on gun bearers, roads, bridges, dams and the like, so that a city may have temporal peace and chambers, why should one not also spend much more on the needy, poor youth, in order that one consider hiring an intelligent, skilled person or two as school teacher.

Aged Elmer struggled translating this one; God grant that it’s adequately accurate.  

Elmer H.


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