Luther’s "Christian Guide for Each Day"

Maundy Thursday

Take, eat, this is My body … Drink out of it all of you; this is My blood of the New Testament, which has been shed for many for forgiveness of sins. Matthew 26:26-28.


According to this you can happily, upon your death and on Judgment Day, speak to Christ like this: [“]My beloved Lord Jesus Christ, there has arisen a conflict over Your words in Holy Communion(namely: This is My body, this is My blood); some want to understand these words differently than how they read. However, since they teach me nothing certain, but instead only make me confused and unsure and in no way want to or are able to prove their claim from the text, I thus abide with Your text as the words read. If there is darkness in them, then You must have wanted them darkened that way; for you have not given nor commanded any other explanation of them.[“] The great church father Augustine says:[“]The entire Holy Scriptures is as it were, so to speak, written with the blood of Christ.[“]  And again, [“]One does not taste the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament as long as one does not taste Christ in them.[“] From the Small Catechism of Dr. Martin Luther, Chief Part 5, question 1: [“]What is the Sacrament of The Altar? It is the true body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, under the bread and wine for us Christians to eat and drink instituted by Christ Himself.[“]

My little worn out WEGWEISER booklet has been falling apart (over fifteen years old) and I’ve lost the pages of the next few days.  Hence I’ll try to work on translating Luther’s Holy Week devotions from p. 373f.
… it’s getting ever more difficult for me to type, but Ill take a break and then proceed, God willing:
Oh yes, Lord Jesus Christ, thank You for the special gift of Your real presence in the Lord’s Supper!  And thank You for enabling me to complete another translation.
In His Name,
Elmer H.

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