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18 April

Choose your plan and it will come to nothing, make your statement and it won’t stand. Isaiah 8:10.

Often there are enthroned ‘Sauls’ in kingdoms and princedoms who probably could carry the skies if God in His Wisdom wanted to order them to do so. There is no one here who has signed up to heaven and sought counsel and action from God. For they either are such godless people, that their conscience does not let them pray and call out, or otherwise they are so accustomed to deliberate that it solidifies their unbelief. Thus the Lord our God at times has to idly sit above and must not allow wise counsel to come to such people, and in such situations He says to His angel Gabriel: Beloved one, what are these wise people doing in the council room that they don’t also include us in their council? Beloved Gabriel, go and take Isaiah with you and read them a secret Lection through the window and say: “With seeing eyes you shall not see, with hearing ears you shall not hear, with understanding hearts you shall not understand. Conclude a council and nothing will come of it, discuss and debate among yourselves and it will not stand, because Mine is both the council and the action.”

Hallelujah!  Thank you Lord for enabling my evermore feeble mind and my frail, pain-ridden body to finally finish this translation – one of my hands just had another knot pop up – but Satan you lose!   Tetelesthai (“It is finished” in Grk)!  (These translations, that is!)

In Christ,

Elmer M. Hohle


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