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22 April

However to the godless God says: What right do you have to proclaim My laws and to take My covenant into your mouth, in that you hate being chastised and toss My words behind you? Psalm 50:16-17.

You must not be troubled when you live among people who on both sides boast in the name of God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, God’s Word, etc., on both sides are united in one word, but in terms of understanding are separated the farthest from each other. One cannot separate them nor prevent them. But here it separates itself if you see which of them among both sides – who bear the same name, are wrong or correct. In order to correctly make the distinction as to who is right and who is wrong, one has to look at where the teaching of the good news about faith in Christ apart from any additional and incidental teaching, goes forth with its fruits and true good works in accordance with the same Word, and on the other hand look where the opposition goes and it only calls it the Gospel and faith with its mouth.    

Elmer Hohle


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