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24 April

Even when I live in the midst of fear and anxiety, You renew me and stretch out Your hand against the anger of my enemies and help me with Your right hand. Psalm 138:7

When God wanted to make His Son into a King, He began with great wonders and power; but because He was to be the best, He let Him die on the cross like a desperate villain; still He saw to it that while all reason gave up on Him, He came forth and became an eternal King. Just like when the children of Israel were standing amidst death without any help or advice, He parted the sea before them so that they could go through on dry land. So also it goes for us, when we cry out to Him to be rescued from death, He first leads us into it. He then allows such to happen in order that He may put to shame the reason of those who do not believe but instead want to know how, where, and when, in order to make room for faith which lets God do it. God’s works are not like human works, instead they are entirely absurd [go counter to reason]; so it happens like this, that if something is to go up, it first has to go down.


Elmer M. Hohle


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